Deliver cloud-native VNFs and network services and ensure interoperability in your customer’s operational and cloud environment.

The DZS Cloud VNF and Application Builder partner program offers an integration roadmap for quickly virtualizing network applications, validating them on DZS Cloud, and accelerating deployment.


Validate interoperability of APIs and interfaces; on-board your VNF, and ensure basic management integration and DZS Cloud MANO compliance.


Integrate your VNFM or interoperate with the DZS Cloud VNFM.


Perform detailed integration, solution testing, and productization to deliver a VNF or network service ready for cloud deployment.

Faster, automated deployment 

Ease deployment and ensure orchestration and automation in any service provider’s (MANO) environment.

Expand your target market

Enhance your solution with support for 3rd party VNFs.

Lower deployment cost

 Simplify and automate VNF onboarding and the deployment of cloud-native network services.