DZS Cloud orchestration and automation is the foundation for transformation to a software-driven business.

Powered by a standardized common information model, sophisticated automation tools, and open interfaces, service providers can simplify and automate virtualized network service deployment.

Customer Testimonial from TELUS CTO, Ibrahim Gedeon

Choose VNFs

Compose network services

Deploy on choice of cloud

Manage the life cycle

Catalog Management

Choose from an open ecosystem of VNFs and build a service catalog.

Start with a Network App – Start with a simple network function or appliance.

Create a VNF Package – Leveraging an industry-standard common information model, create a VNF Descriptor package and software images.

Life Cycle Management Testing – Execute Day 0/1 configuration, instantiate the VNF, test functionality and and scalability (scale out/in, etc.).

End-to-end Testing – Test and validate VNF integration and interoperability with other VNFs and NFV infrastructure.

Cloud Ready – Add your cloud-ready VNF to the Catalog.

Service Composition

Compose complex, multi-vendor network services and add to the service catalog.

Validate – Create network services and policy-based VNF Forwarding Graphs (VNFFG).

Compose – Compose multi-vendor network services from multiple VNFs.

Update Catalog – Add the Network Service to the Catalog.

Service Instantiation

Instantiate Network services, configure the cloud and network infrastructure, and optimally place network service workloads.

Instantiate – Start the network service.