Network transformation – driven by SDN and NFV – promises to radically reduce network operating costs and unleash a new era of dynamic and creative network service delivery. SDN and NFV technology alone are not enough.

The orchestration and automation that makes the transition from physical networks to software-based networks possible.

Customer Testimonial from TELUS CTO, Ibrahim Gedeon

Reduce operational costs and deliver unprecedented service agility with highly automated, end-to-end service delivery and orchestration.

Open APIs and Interfaces

REST and NETCONF APIs simplify integration and ensure interoperability with OSS/BSS, service assurance, analytics, and other resource orchestrators and NFV software.

Operational Efficiency

Automate operations with VNF and network service life cycle management that scales massively across distributed carrier and enterprise clouds. Easily compose multi-vendor network services and manage Service Function Chains and policy-based VNF Forwarding Graphs (VNFFG).

VNFM Choice and Flexibility

Integrate with both the DZS Cloud Generic VNFM and vendor-provided VNFM software for interoperability and flexibility.

Automated Deployment

Integrated Resource Orchestration provides critical VNF life cycle management, Day 0/1 Configuration, and VNF monitoring.

Optimized Workload Placement on Choice of Cloud

Plug-in architecture abstracts underlying cloud and networking infrastructure to support deployment on hybrid clouds. Intelligent workload placement with enhanced platform awareness (EPA) automatically places workloads on best network and cloud resources to optimize cost, utilization, and performance.

VNF and Network Service Catalog

Create a centralized catalog of VNF and network service packages that accelerates deployment. Build a foundation for building a marketplace of ready-to-deploy VNFs and network services.

Model-driven UI

Graphical interface provides intuitive front end to all DZS Cloud’s powerful orchestration and automation capabilities. Drag and drop functionality simplifies package creation and service composition.