How can your RDOF investment be made to work for you?

Congratulations, you’re among an elite group of current and aspiring service providers poised to participate in the single largest rural broadband investment in U.S. history – RDOF.

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With $20 billion and the future of six million Americans at risk, the stakes are extremely high. Winners of this auction are going to put a lot on the line.

When you consider buildout deadlines across some of the most remote areas of the country, associated service level commitments, and technology lifecycles all matched against a finite stream of subsidies over a 10-year time horizon, the stakes get even higher.

Not everyone will succeed.

This begs the question – How can your RDOF investment be made to work for you?


Be Strategic

Leverage RDOF network investments to extend your business opportunity beyond required service areas


Be Wise

Plan your investment not just to meet RDOF requirements, but for next generation broadband services (10G, 5G, SDN)


Be Successful

Leverage rock-solid DZS technology deployed by over 1,000 customers globally!

DZS is a trusted partner and proven leader in next generation fiber-based broadband access solutions

  • #1 American-based provider of fiber access solutions (we ship more every year than our competitors COMBINED)

  • More than two decades of experience servicing rural America, with hundreds of gig-ready fiber access customers

  • The ONLY Access technology vendor that manufactures in the USA

  • We offer extremely cost-effective and cost-efficient end-to-end solutions that minimize upfront CAPEX as well as on-going OPEX

  • A world-leading portfolio of solutions in 5G to complement your RDOF investments and prepare you for the next major technology revolution in our industry

  • We offer services that match your needs – from fiber procurement services, to a full range of cabinets, splitters, and other complementary equipment, to engineering and installation

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