V-8100 OLT Series


With advanced global customers deploying DZS’s world-class solutions for their service provider and enterprise networks, in some of the harshest and most demanding environments in the industry.

The DZS’s V-8100 series is the best in the class for high-capacity fiber-optimized aggregation platform is the latest cost-effective addition to its world-renowned MXK™ portfolio.

The V-8100 series platform series is designed to integrated several key functions and applications:

  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching
  • Switching with Terabit capacity plus QoS for the new broadband optical access networks
  • Transport Ring technology for resilient interconnection
  • Access for any Fiber connection from 1GbE, 10GbE, 2.5GPON, NGPON and 25/100GbE
  • Routing for high availability networking

MODELS: V8106 and V8102

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Demands on access networks continue to accelerate, and technology advances change and evolves at light speed to cope with this growth. To build a platform with more than 10-years reach requires a networking innovator with extraordinary vision, proven bench strength and experience, and of course, exceptional technology to keep pace.

The V-8100™ chassis architecture is designed around a dual star design with redundant ultra high-speed links to each subscriber line card slot for future-proof support of today’s and tomorrow’s bandwidth-hungry fiber-based subscriber services. With a solid, wide foundation to build upon, the V-8100  is well-suited as medium-density fiber-based service platform to cost-effectively deliver ITU-T G.984 GPON,  ITU-T G.987 XGPON1, ITU-T G.989 NGPON2, and other advanced fiber-based services for residential triple play and high-bandwidth business services over any GPON FTTx architecture

The V8106 is a 6RU height chassis PON Optical Line Termination (OLT) supporting 48 NGPON2/XGS-PON ports as well as a Layer 3 switch of supporting 2 100GbE ports Active Ethernet service and supporting 96 GPON ports as well as a Layer 3 switch of supporting 8 1/10GbE ports Active Ethernet service. It terminates the traffic coming from the subscriber lines and aggregates traffic onto one or more network ethernet uplinks operating at 10 and/or 100GbE.

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