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OPX-4300 88UX/UX2

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The OPX-4300 88UX/88UX2 Outside Plant Exchange Cabinet Family was specifically designed to provide outdoor housing solutions for the DZS family of chassis-based DSLAMs/MSANs/OLTs.

Designed specifically for the outside plant environment, the OPX-4300 88UX/88UX2 cabinet family optimizes equipment density, heat transfer and dissipation, power reserve, environmental protection and ease of installation and maintenance. Utilizing the side chambers for passive equipment, the cabinets maximize valuable electronic space.

The OPX-4300 88UX/88UX2 cabinet design provides for improved acoustic performance and reduced contamination in battery compartment. It includes swing-out racks and an enhanced latching system with flush mounted swing handle design for ease of use. The new design also provides for enhanced vandalism protection and improved aesthetics.

The OPX-4300 88UX/88UX2 provides up to 2000 ports of protected copper-based access (DSL/POTS) and/or fiber-based access (GPON/Active Ethernet). Each OPX-4300 88UX/88UX2 cabinet is shipped pre-wired with protection or protection/cross-connect panels and can utilize the DZS’ 1RU (MX/MXP’s), 3RU (MXK319) and/or 8RU (MXK819/823) DSLAM/MSAN/OLT products. Additional DSLAMs, MSANs or OLTs can be added in the field with the help of OPX-4300 upgrade kits. This lets the service provider utilize a single product whether deploying from the central office, existing remote cabinets, or extremely remote locations, making the operational and network management that much easier.

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