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Ultrafast Broadband with FTTB

G.fast Distribution Point Units (DPUs) for connecting FTTB areas at data rates of almost 2 Gbps over existing inhouse cablings.

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Fiber-like speed over in-building copper access infrastructure

FTTB (Fiber-to-the-Building) is an economical alternative and/or complement to FTTH rollouts, enabling gigabit speeds over existing in-building copper wiring.  Featuring a variety of ports and form factors, the MileGate G.fast DPUs portfolio offers a full range of deployment options for virtually any Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) scenario. MileGate 204x, MileGate 205x, and MileGate 2144 are specifically designed for FTTB  installations, and feature the industry-leading G.fast with 212 MHz profile to deliver nearly 2 Gbps via existing copper-wire pairs.

Unfortunately, many subscribers in residential and commercial buildings suffer from broadband speeds because of difficulty in accessing and upgrading MDUs. The MileGate G.fast DPU portfolio brings gigabit+ services to these subscribers, enabling a sensational broadband experience as well and strong new service opportunities. Also, thanks to the VDSL2 fallback mode, the G.fast DPUs allow seamless migration. Network operators can start with VDSL2 and switch to G.fast as demand grows.

G.fast DPUs highlights

  • Fiber-like speed at copper access deployment conditions

  • G.fast 212MHz with VDSL2 fallback

  • Very good scalability with 4, 8, 16 or 24 Ports

  • Wall mounting – no additional enclosure needed

  • Flexible power options: Local Power Feeding and Reverse Power Feeding

  • Passive cooling – absolutely no noise

  • Door lockable / intrusion alarm

  • Easy installation – no fixed “cable tail”

  • Management via CLI, SNMP, Netconf/Yang and web GUI

  • Variable trunk: 10 GbE,1 GbE active Ethernet or GPON/XGS-PON

  • Premium services mean quicker return on investment (RoI)

  • TV offering is flexible, with a combination of cable television and IPTV

MileGate G.fast DPU 205x

SKU: MileGate Series
Categories: DSLAMMSAN
Tags: Gfast

MileGate 2051/2052/2053

With 4, 8 und 16 Ports offers G.fast up to 212 MHz for ultra-broadband FTTB applications, with reverse power feeding and MELT functionality

MileGate G.fast DPU 204x

SKU: MileGate Series
Categories: DSLAMMSAN
Tags: Gfast

G.fast-DPU MileGate 204x

With 8 and 4 ports, G.fast 212 MHz for nearly 2 Gbps, data transfer via SFP/SFP+ (P2P 1G and 10G or GPON)

MileGate G.fast DPU 2144

SKU: MileGate Series
Categories: DSLAMMSAN
Tags: Gfast

G.fast-DPU MileGate 2144 

Offers 24 G.fast connections with profile 212a for ultra-broadband connections out of technical rooms

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