SHDSL EFM allows for symmetric bandwidth over logically bonded copper pairs. DZS’ SHDSL EFM product offerings allow service providers to offer higher bandwidth services without requiring a conversion to fiber. Bonding multiple copper loops has several advantages including increased throughput, robustness, and flexibility. The ETHX product line is a family of CPE products capable of bonding up to 8 copper pairs and include the features needed to service a small to medium sized business.

DZS’ line of ETHX access devices are built for reliability and resiliency: dynamic and proactive performance monitoring ensures the quality of bonded groups; seamless failure recovery and hitless adds and drops ensure maximum uptime; a hardware platform designed for a carrier environment. With application-aware traffic control services and built-in OAM, ETHX is able to provide more intelligence to a larger portion of the network than any other CPE, making EtherXtend the leading choice for delivering business-class SLAs over Ethernet.

The EtherXtender is a SHDSL EFM repeater that extends the reach of SHDSL EFM loops expanding the service provider’s radius of reach. EtherXtender is a line powered device so no local power is required. Up to 8 EtherXtenders can be placed in series expanding service reach by a factor of 8. These unmanaged devices are simple to install and fit in a standard single-wide Type 239 enclosure. Each EtherXtender supports two copper loops and do not interfere with bonded SHDSL configurations.

The following DZS EFM SHDSL CO products provide line powering for the EtherXtender repeaters: MALC-EFM-SHDSL-24-NTP-EXT, RAPTOR-XP-170-LP, RAPTOR-XP-170-LP-S/D, and MXK-EFM-SHDSL-NTP. The LPS36 power shelf provides the 137VDC line powering to the SHDSL cards to line power the EtherXtender repeaters.