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5920 POTS/ISDN Splitters



The 5920 Series POTS/ISDN Splitter is used to connect high-speed data lines and voice circuits to local loops using standard Telco 50 pin connectors. The 5920 Shelves are available in 1U, 3U, 4U and 9U offering 48, 144, 192, and 432 ports respectively.

With the emergence of ADSL2+ and VDSL2 enhanced services like video, the POTS Splitter is a vital part of the network. With crosstalk better than 70dB, distortion introduced from adjacent channels is virtually eliminated.

Connectivity options are available to allow the 5920 shelves to meet your exact fit and form requirements. Ease of installation is ensured, regardless of your cable dressing requirements. The 5920 series POTS Splitter shelf was specifically designed to fit the dimensions of an ETSI rack. With front mount connectors, the 5920 series shelves can be mounted back to back or against a wall, eliminating the need for swing shelves.