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5910 High Density POTS Splitter with LifeLine



The 5910 Series is a double density POTS splitter shelf, when populated with 8 POTS Splitter cards, delivers 192 ports in 2U of a standard 19 inch rack.

In order to meet most of the applications worldwide, the 5910 HD POTS Splitter cards can have 900 or 600 Ohm impedance, compliant with ANSI T1.413 and G.992.1, G.992.3 and G.992.5. Each card connects 24 high-speed data lines and 24 voice circuits to 24 local loops, delivering voice and high-speed DSL services using standard 50 pin connectors.

The 5910 is designed with the DSL connection located at the front of the shelf and POTS and LINE interfaces in the rear. This design separates the DSL and voice connections from a common backplane, reducing crosstalk significantly, which is critical to Video applications.

The DSL connection on the front really saves time, effort and expense once just by simply running a short jumper cable rather then dressing the cable down the back to the existing Splitter. On top of that, the 5910 series shelves provide make before break life-line POTS. Whenever a card is removed from the shelf, POTS service will be uninterrupted, ensuring critical services like 911 remains available to the end user.

The 5910 is environmentally hardened to handle such locations as remote cabinets, as well as Central Offices. The option for level 2 protection on both the PSTN and Line ensure voltage protection for power crosses and lightning surges, without manual intervention, or an expensive truck roll.