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DZS unifies its C-series, V-series, M-series, and MXK-F platforms with sdNOS, a single, state-of-the-art, Linux-based operating system.

sdNOS leverages a unified software environment and common feature sets across multiple products to fulfill DZS core principles of customer choice, operational efficiency, and high performance for 10gig and beyond optical broadband services.

A Comprehensive Feature Set

The sdNOS software platform provides a comprehensive and modular set of Layer 2 and Layer 3 features, including:

  • MPLS, SR and SRv6


  • PIM protocols (SM, DM, SSM and PM)

  • IGMP (IPv4) and MLD (IPv6)

Designed for Portability

sdNOS provides the real-time software runtime layer for ARM, x86-64, and PowerPC based systems and complementary networking data path hardware. Its flexible, architecture is fully SDN enabled – allowing operators to choose between centralized or distributed control architectures, while realizing the operational benefits of automated service orchestration. Carrier grade reliability features are built into sdNOS with non-disruptive start or restart for individual subsystems and a software design allowing in-service patching or upgrades.

Intrinsic support for virtualization and NFV

sdNOS allows the base software to coexist with higher level network functions or applications on any host system, or to be deployed in virtualized or containerized platforms.

To satisfy increasing consumer bandwidth demands and align with market trends, many Telecom solution providers have begun to future proof their networks with the deployment of fiber technologies. These can be new deployments or augmentation and upgrade of existing copper-based networks.

While high speed Internet access speeds vary by region, DZS is deployed in virtually all the most advanced countries that offer ultra high speed Internet speeds and our ongoing mission is to work with aspiring nations who want the benefits of connecting all  citizens to the Internet world.

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