The Industry Leader for MSAN Platform Choice.

DZS has long been a pioneer in the industry with its broadband and multi-service access solution offerings. We remain at the forefront of technology innovation today, with large-scale global deployments of its high-capacity FTTx multi-service systems designed to provide high performance and cost-effective solutions for the operator’s bandwidth requirements.

Our MSAN portfolio meets the diverse needs of service providers providing a highly scalable platform for small to large-scale deployments as well as full-featured support for VoIP, Data and Video services.

With over 1,000 global customers deploying our world-class solutions in both network provider and enterprise environments, in some of the harshest and most demanding environments in the industry in its pedigree, DZS MXK, and MXK-F ultra high-capacity fiber-optimized aggregation platform round-out a comprehensive portfolio to meet every possible need for Active Ethernet, GPON, XGPON1, and NGPON2 service requirements.

MSAN: Unified Multiservice Access Infrastructures.

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for secure and guaranteed bandwidth, rising numbers of network architectures with optical fibre are being used, DZS offers a the industry widest selection of platforms to meet your needs.


Fiber & Copper Access

An optical fiber to a DSLAM/MSAN in street cabinet from  from which the customer is connected via copper pair.


POTS, xDSL, Fiber

Digital Loop Carrier

Passive optical networks (FTTH PON) via active Ethernet (FTTH P2P). An optical fibre directly up to the subscriber’s premises.




An optical fibre to a Micro-DSLAM in the building and from this connecting the subscriber via Ethernet, or VDSL2.

To satisfy increasing consumer bandwidth demands and align with market trends, many Telecom solution providers have begun to future proof their networks with the deployment of fiber technologies. These can be new deployments or augmentation and upgrade of existing copper-based networks.

While high speed Internet access speeds vary by region, DZS is deployed in virtually all the most advanced countries that offer ultra high speed Internet speeds and our ongoing mission is to work with aspiring nations who want the benefits of connecting all  citizens to the Internet world.

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