XCelerate by DZS increases the velocity with which service providers can leap to multi-gigabit services at scale by enabling rapid transition from GPON to XGS-PON and gigabit Ethernet to 10 gigabit Ethernet via any service port across a range of existing DZS Velocity chassis and 10 gig optimized stackable options.

Anticipating the shift to increasingly open and decentralized networks, the breakthrough system-on-a-card architecture of XCelerate by DZS allows service providers to transition to disaggregated architectures at their own pace by leveraging the same equipment used to pivot to multi-gigabit services, dramatically enhancing the economics of network evolution.

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The next generation XCelerate by DZS line was designed to achieve the highest-performance – high capacity, low latency, unrivaled flexibility and openness. While traditional combo card approaches claim savings of more than 50% in CAPEX, power and space, and significant extensions network asset lifespan, these solutions are only addressing part of the evolutionary challenge. Service providers that already have point-to-point architectures or that have prescriptive SLAs with key customers may need the flexibility to offer dedicated gigabit and multi-gigabit services, and should not be required to deploy separate specialized equipment to meet these needs. Additionally, most service providers recognize the value of open and disaggregated architectures and aspire to move to these models in the future. XCelerate by DZS class systems can support this transformation in the same deployed hardware, and do not require a future forklift upgrade like other vendors. Fifty percent savings for service providers deploying Xcelerate by DZS solutions are just a starting point, and we believe network asset lifespan extensions are prolonged from a typical 3-5 years to beyond the foreseeable future.

Built with an innovative “system-on-a-card” architecture, this new product line supports a broad range of widely deployed and next generation fiber access technologies, including GPON/XGS-PON, 1 Gbps/10 Gbps Active Ethernet today and will expand to support the emerging 25GS-PON and 50G PON standards in the future. Unparalleled in the access industry, any of these gigabit and multi-gigabit services can be deployed @ASAP, enabling the seamless, cost effective and operationally optimized deployment of multiple technologies simultaneously and transition between these technologies instantly on any service port. Designed with an open, disaggregated future in mind, the XCelerate by DZS line of products are deployed in traditional CO/edge offices, as well as fully disaggregated scenarios supported by an SDN/NFV cloud-native deployment architecture. This unprecedented flexibility translates into compelling economic value for service providers, allowing them to transform at their own pace and at the industry’s lowest TCO while providing peace of mind that they can accelerate to a multi-gigabit, fully disaggregated future on demand.

DZS Velocity 

Unifying the Extensive DZS Broadband Access Systems Lineup – The DZS Velocity broadband access solutions portfolio provides carriers with extraordinary flexibility through the latest fiber access technologies and SDN-enabled operational models. In today’s hyper-connected world where service providers face the challenges of an explosion of connected devices, applications that demand multi-gigabit speeds, and customers expecting always-on connectivity, the DZS Velocity broadband access portfolio provides industry-leading performance, open software-enabled agility, and extensive deployment flexibility to enable carrier network transformation and success.

DZS Velocity is powered by sdNOS – a modern SDN-enabled Network Operating System that will support the entire range of DZS fiber-based broadband access systems, switches and routers. Service providers can leverage the DZS Velocity broadband access portfolio to find the right fit for their network requirements from the regional datacenter to head end, central office or edge cloud sites, to the far-edge of the network. Already present in all V-, M-, and C-series systems, sdNOS will soon be present in upcoming MXK-F line-cards.

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DZS Velocity V2 Any-PORT / Any-PON System

sdNOS will be the advanced operating system for the upcoming DZS Velocity V2 Any-PORT / Any-PON (APAP) system. An industry breakthrough, this chassis-based system will support a full array of widely deployed and next generation fiber access technologies (PON/10G PON and Active Ethernet/10G Ethernet) and on each APAP card and allow seamless, cost effective, and operationally optimized transition from technologies like GPON to XGS-PON one subscriber at a time – allowing coexistence on the same physical fiber infrastructure.

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