Introducing DZS Xperience, a new solution that sets the standard for intelligent, end-to-end broadband customer experience management and service delivery excellence.

By bringing the award-winning DZS Cloud platform and broadband connectivity solutions together with Plume’s best-in-class SaaS experience platform, service providers will have access to the apps, insight and intelligence to more effectively manage both residential and small business subscribers, create new ARPU opportunities, and generate significant OPEX savings.

Central to the offering are Plume’s highly-rated customer-facing apps which give subscribers unprecedented control and influence over their broadband experience. DZS also announces the integration of the DZS Helix Edge Access portfolio with the OpenSync™ open-source silicon-to-cloud framework to enable new services to be delivered at world-class speed, scale, and performance.


Smart Home Services

HomePass is a comprehensive Smart Home Services suite controlled by a mobile app. The robust list of services is always growing–providing subscribers with complete network personalization at their fingertips.


An enterprise-grade tool
for small businesses

WorkPass is the first cloud-based system created as a holistic network solution for managing valuable small business customers. Designed without complex set-up or IT requirements, WorkPass empowers business owners to take control of their network through connectivity, security, and productivity tools.


Truly see your network
for the first time

Haystack helps Service Providers elevate personalization and performance over basic connectivity to meet the needs of ever-evolving smart homes. It provides end-to-end visibility of your entire network, identifies issues in real-time, provides tools to troubleshoot problems, and offers automated workflows to resolve consumer issues proactively.

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What is DZS Xperience Powered by Plume?

DZS Xperience

DZS Xperience enables Service Providers to deliver unparalleled, proactive support and services from a cloud-based platform for greater adaptability, security, and updates at scale.