Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

DZS’ CPE portfolio includes a complete range of residential modems supporting basic bridge functionality to full IAD support with integrated WI-FI and voice ports. In addition as part of the residential CPE portfolio there is a complete line of NIDs designed to support both copper and fiber deployments to both residential homes as well as MDUs.

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Rather than trench cable, dig up yards and rewire households for fiber, our solution delivers fiber-like speeds over existing copper infrastructure, addressing last mile issues and reducing CAPEX by deferring the cost of extending fiber to every building and home.

This is a great way to extend high speed broadband to locations where fiber deployment is otherwise difficult.

DZS’ G.FAST delivers fiber-like speeds over the last mile of existing copper infrastructure and extends high speed broadband to locations where fiber deployment is difficult. G.FAST is rated for up to 500m about 500m (1600ft).

DZS’ RCPE-GFAST-H370 CPE provides one G.FAST (RJ-45) uplink port, one POTS (RJ-11) port, and four 10/100/1000Base-T ports.

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DZS makes it easy for Service Providers to deploy services by bringing together the complete solution. Our endpoint solutions include outdoor and indoor Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and allow Service Providers the ability to easily serve multiple subscriber types with multiple service options.

Our ADSL2+ CPE provides Broadcom-based ADSL2+ CPE and Gateway capabilities, support of Annex L and Annex M, bridging, routing, firewall, QoS, port mapping, and other advanced features.


DZS offers business-class CPE that provides the bandwidth needed to deliver top performance. The G.SHDSL CPE is a full-featured router offering a cost effective solution for symmetric data rate applications.

Ethernet over SHDSL offers the high-bandwidth symmetrical Ethernet services that are critical to businesses. EtherXtend access devices can be used back-to-back for single-line deployments, in multi-point applications where one EtherXtend acts as a mini-aggregation point, or as powerful CPE for use with our MALC or MXK product line.


6700-W1 series gateway is a high-end triple-play-ready residential gateway with advanced router and bridge functions that supports multiple WAN interfaces with support of VDSL2, ADSL2+ and a Gigabit Ethernet WAN link. 6712-A1 is equipped with four 10/100 LAN port and built in DLNA server for convenience of sharing digital content within the home. The 6718-W1 adds the ease to be connected to the internet without the hassle of wires. The pair bonding 6728-W1 increase bandwidth and to loop reach to allow service provider to extend their service area with higher bandwidth.

ADSL 6519
6700-W1 Series

Extend high speed broadband to locations where fiber deployment is otherwise difficult.

To satisfy increasing consumer bandwidth demands and align with market trends, many Telecom solution providers have begun to future proof their networks with the deployment of fiber technologies. These can be new deployments or augmentation and upgrade of existing copper-based networks.

While high speed Internet access speeds vary by region, DZS is deployed in virtually all the most advanced countries that offer ultra high speed Internet speeds and our ongoing mission is to work with aspiring nations who want the benefits of connecting all  citizens to the Internet world.